Rules for participation in the international Djurdjevdan festival of children songs, Banja Luka 2020

Article 1
Participants of the Festival are authors of compositions and performers of selected compositions.
Authors and performers will have the possibility to participate in the competitive section of the
Festival after filling out the application form.
The Festival Organizer announces a public competition for participants - performers and authors of
compositions, and sets up application forms with detailed instructions on the website.
Any interested person who meets the criteria of the Festival, without limitation of the country of
residence, can compete.
Article 2
(composition authors)
Authors submit compositions along with the accompanying lyrics, music notation and arrangement
by filling out the application form for the compositions on Festival's official e-mail or by standard
Compositions submitted for the Competition must not be published on sound carriers, nor publicly
performed, and to that end, authors shall enclose the signed statements along with the competition
Compositions have to be of a modern popular expression with lyrics adjusted to children aged 7 to
12 years.
Authors should submit a demo recording of the composition lasting up to three (3) minutes along
with music notation and lyrics. For compositions which will be included in the Festival program,
authors are obliged to submit the final master and matrix.
Authors may submit more compositions to the Competition, but only two can be included in the
Festival program.
Authors of compositions selected by the Selection Commission shall transfer the copyrights to
Festival Organizer (the right to reproduce, distribute, the right to perform, the right to broadcast and
re-broadcast, the right to communicate to the public, the right to adjust, arrange and alter the work,
the right to publicly communicate broadcasted works, the right to publicly communicate works
from a sound or image carrier). Author transmits these rights for an indefinite period of time. A fee
for the transfer of copyrights is 500 KM (250 EURO).
Article 3
The right to participate in Djurdjevdan Festival 2020 have the children born between May 6, 2008
and May 6, 2013.
Performers apply to the Festival by filling the application form for the performers and sending it to
the Festival's official e-mail. Along with the application, performers shall submit a short biography,
a photo (JPEG or TIFF format, 300 dpi) and live video.
Author can also apply a performer as the interpreter of his/her composition. If the autor of the
composition apply the performer, along with the application, he/she shall deliver the same materials
as other performers.
Article 4
(composition selection)
Selection of compositions submitted for the Competition will be made by Selection Commission
appointed by the Organizer. The Commission will select 14 to 20 compositions which will be
performed at the Festival.
Each Commission member shall evaluate compositions independently and within his/her area of
expertise, reputation and authority, by giving points from 1 to 5. The final list of compositions shall
be obtained by adding the points of each Commission member. If two compositions have the same
number of points, the advantage will be given to the one with a greater number of points 5. If that
criterion is not decisive, the advantage shall be given to the author from Republic of Srpska.
Selected compositions, the names of authors and performers, with the points of each Commission
member will be publicly announced.
Selection jury takes into account the quality and modernity of music and arrangements, as well as
the quality and adjustment of lyrics to the nature of the Festival.
Article 5
(performer selection)
Authors may propose the performers or they apply to the Competition by themselves.
Performers who have been applied by the author, as interpreters of their compositions, and solo
performers who have applied via Competition, have the same status.
Performers (i.e. participants in competitive section of the Festival) will be selected by Selection
Commission, formed by Organizer based on live video recordings.
Selection Commission evaluates each performer individually, regardless of whether that performer
applied to the competition by himself or by the author of the composition.
Selection Commission will take into consideration the following criteria during the evaluation:
intonation, dynamics, rhythm, interpretation, voice quality (color, range), hardness and stage
performance. Each Commission member rates the candidates from 1 to 5. The final score for each
performer will be obtained by adding the points of all Commission members. If two performers
have the same number of points, the advantage will be given to the one with a greater number of
points 5. If that criterion is not decisive, the Commission will have to come to an agreement and
explain its decision. Information on selected performers with the points of each Commission
member will be available to the public.
Commission may organize auditions, interviews or visits to all or some of performers when a valid
decision cannot be made on the basis of the recording.
If the author's composition was selected by Selection Commission, that composition shall be
assigned to the proposed performer who received a sufficient number of points.
Article 6
(assigning compositions to performers)
After selection of compositions and performers by Selection Commission, a final list of
compositions to be given to the performers is formed.
Selected compositions will be assigned to the proposed performer who received a sufficient number
of points.
If the author's composition was selected for the Festival and proposed performer has not received a
sufficient number of points, the Organizer (program manager and music editors of the Festival), in
agreement with the author, shall assign the author a performer who passed the selection.
If the authors, whose compositions were selected for the Festival, do not have a proposition for the
performer (authors who applied only with composition, lyrics, arrangement), the Organizer shall, in
agreement with the author, assign them a performer who has received a sufficient number of points.
If the author's composition has not been selected, and proposed performer received a sufficient
number of points, another composition may be assigned to that performer. Organizer, in agreement
with the author and the performer, assigns the composition to the performer or vice versa.
Organizer assigns selected compositions, which do not have a performer on any ground (if proposed
performer did not meet the criteria or the author did not propose the performer), to other selected
Article 7
Organizer reserves the right to use compositions for public performance and broadcasting, as well
as recording of the Festival and publishing compositions on sound and image carriers, or to transfer
all or some of these rights to third parties.
Article 8
The Festival's jury will consist of 5 to 7 members and will be composed of music experts, music
educators, poets, music editors and previous performers in the Festival. The jury will decide on the
awards for composition, interpretation, arrangement, the award for best lyrics and best stage
The viewers will participate in SMS voting for the Audience Award. The performers will decide
themselves who will win Children Jury's Award.
Article 9
The total award fund of the Festival shall be 5,000 KM (2,500 EURO).
 1st prize for the composition 1,500 KM (750 EURO )
 2nd prize for the composition 1,000 KM (500 EURO )
 3rd prize for the composition 500 KM (250 EURO )
 1st prize for the interpretation 500 KM (250 EURO )
 2nd prize for the interpretation 300 KM (150 EURO )
 3rd prize for the interpretation 200 KM (100 EURO )
 Best arrangement award 300 KM (150 EURO )
 Best lyrics award 300 KM (150 EURO )
 Audience award 200 KM (100 EURO )
 Best stage performance award 100 KM (50 EURO )
 Performer jury's award 100 KM (50 EURO )
Article 10
The applications for the Competition, along with the competition material, shall be sent by mail, email or delivered personally. The address for sending the applications is: Radio Television of
Republic of Srpska, Trg Republike Srpske 9, 78 000 Banja Luka, with mark (For Djurdjevdan
Festival), or e-mail address: and
Article 11
Rules of the Festival will be published on the web page of Radio Television of Republic of Srpska
and on the Festival's Facebook profile, in order to ensure transparency.

Article 12
The Rules shall come into force on the day of their delivery. Possible amendments to the Rules shall
be delivered by Organizer, of which he/she shall timely inform the participants and the public.